Are you surprised when I tell you that women and men also love sex? This and other such insights are available here …

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Watch out! Sergej and Estefano explain here step by step what women really want from a man …

What women want # 1

Sergej: Tip number 13. Women have two biological programs, why they are interested in men at all. I mean, these mechanisms are deeply installed in us. But women have two programs on why they’re looking for a man.

First, these programs can be related, but very often they are completely different programs that they live with completely different men. The first program is the search for the best available genes to reproduce. How? How do you recognize the best available genes? Well, the man himself. Is he a leader? How does he move How confident is he? Like … Humor for example, humor is when you ask women about the characteristics of their dream man, humor is always in the top 3. Very often in the first place.

Estefano: Yes.

Sergej: ‘He may make me laugh’. Why? Humor is a characteristic of coveted men. For example, some very bad villains from movies. They have a sense of humor.

Estefano: Yes.

Sergej: Yes, they are alphas. These are any. Even James Bond is a bad guy.

Estefano: You know the expression ‘he has nothing to laugh about’ you know? He is always a poor man somehow. He has nothing to laugh about.

Sergej: Yes. You are looking for a man who takes life lightly, who does not take himself seriously, who does not take women seriously.

Estefano: Above all, it exudes self-confidence that you don’t necessarily want to achieve what is desperate because you simply don’t need it. So you can always laugh at things. Therefore, the more you laugh at what a woman does or says, often in certain situations where other men get nervous, you show that you are such an interesting man coveted by women. And that basically makes you genetically interesting. If you want to see it like that.

Sergej: Exactly. So all these physical things, the gleam in your eyes, how you talk to the woman. That you position yourself from the very beginning, you position yourself on this sexual level. Not in the sense of ‘Oh my god I want to fuck you’. But by looking at them …

Estefano: You think so …

Sergej: You think so. You can imagine it. A very good technique, by the way, if you are addressing women or dating with them.

Imagine again and again that you do the most dirty things with her that you can imagine. Such a little head porn. This will bring you to a very lively state.

Estefano: I think most men have no problem imagining that.

Sergej: You will laugh but the men have very strong problems with it. Above all, the prettier the woman is, the more stress there is.

Estefano: Okay, because they’re so stressed out about the situation.

Sergej: Exactly because they want to please the woman and they think, ‘My God, I can’t really offer her anything and I have to play something that I am not’. They don’t even get it at all, but even if they have long legs and such … – so everyone has their own tastes – but the more attractive the woman is, the more men tend to panic.

Estefano: Right, you’re right. When they’re talking to her. You’re right. You may imagine things before speaking to her. But then when you speak to her it becomes too blatant and then you lose that connection to this sexual level and try to hide and hide sexuality because it is too stupid for you. Is it true. Good point. And by imagining something as well, you automatically become much more sexual. For example, what I always imagined was that when I spoke to a woman before I spoke to her, I imagined how I would eat chips with her at home on the couch and watch a DVD in three days – or in three months – and we are together and we laugh about the situation when I was afraid to address it at the time. Can you follow

Sergej: Wow, yes. That is really cool.

Estefano: And at that moment, I felt incredibly relaxed because I thought, ‘Hey, you’re nervous right now, but in a few months you might be sitting on the couch with her at home and laughing at how nervous you were, and then you will tell her and she “ah thank god you spoke to me” ‘.

And that helped me extremely in the beginning and I used it again and again for myself.

Sergej: Yes. What also works very well is … Imagine that with this woman you want to contact right away, that somehow you had something years ago. That you had sex, that maybe you did, maybe the relationships between you started to develop, but for some reason you didn’t see each other anymore. You didn’t argue; you have diverged in the best emotions; you had great sex; then at some point you came apart.

And now you are happy to see her and she is happy to see you too. Imagine that, then you are much more relaxed with her, because then you will talk just as relaxed as if she was the woman you had something with at the time. Yes, so as I said, we are taught to do the second point, or to work on the second program for women. So the first program is to find the best genetic material available, so grab the alpha man.

What women want point # 2

And the second point, the second program is to find a provider.

Because earlier, a million years ago, or 100,000 years ago, women couldn’t survive with a child without a man who cares for them, who hunts for them, who protects them. And that means if the alpha monkey, or the alpha male from the tribe or something, copulates the female, it can’t take care of all women. That is why women have been looking for a partner who may not have the skills, the vitality, the savagery, but someone who stays with them. Someone who cares for the woman, and of course for the child. Until the child is big enough to survive. That’s what women want – and our mothers and society tell us what we should do to please women. Be nice. Be courteous. Be helpful. Tell her how awesome she is. Give her flowers! Flowers are great – yes, but you don’t get the woman, it also means more.

That means we can be providers. What we usually miss when we want to have sex with women is that we put ourselves in this alpha man. That we train this quality. That agility. This joy of life that we radiate. A good mood, an alpha leader, that’s what makes him: Good mood, humor – we’ve already talked about that – well, determination. These are the things we have to train. And not that we have to be much nicer to women, then we get women. That’s nonsense.

Estefano: Two important points from me there as a supplement to what women want … And the first is that we always underestimate – I think – how much behavior actually comes from us from these evolutionary things. Because we humans are not made for an environment where we have computers and internet and cell phones. If you imagine how long people have been around. For 100,000 years, you know, and you imagine how long things have been like the cell phone, or the Internet or a computer. You know, maybe that’s a millisecond of time on that time axis. We are not made for this environment and it is therefore always very important to be remembered.

And the second, this point with the alpha man. Many men think that you are alpha only if you are the stupidest and strongest hamster. The one who always says something and everyone else calm and maybe those are side effects, but I think you’re more of an alpha if you’re the one who cares about others in the group. Back then I saw a colleague of mine – and I thought that was very strong – that he was always the type who cared for everyone, who made sure that everyone was fine. Who always felt responsible when someone had a problem, such small things.

For example, you go to the pub and there are only three chairs and you are four people. Then he would be the first to get the waitress, he said ‘you can all sit down’, got the waitress, organized another table. You know? Alpha doesn’t mean you have to be an asshole with everyone around you.

… by the way, how to become a nice asshole that women like, you learn in this brand new article Why women like assholes

It just means that you are alpha in a positive way, that you take care of everyone because you also feel responsible. And when people realize that you care for them and that you often put their wellbeing before their own, they want to follow you. And then you are an alpha that does not depress people and they only follow them because they are afraid that they will be kidnapped or that they will be put down but that they want to follow. This is how you become the right alpha.

Sergej: There are basically two types of intersex communication. The sexual kind and the social kind. What we do most of the time when we try to speak to women, we try to go social. That means we ask the woman questions, try to keep the conversation as long as possible, try to date on Date1, Date2, third date, fourth date … we try to play the good boy, we try to please her that we are reluctant, that we are nice and most of the time it goes wrong because we don’t arouse sexual feelings in her. And that’s the wrong thing, because how many times have you been told.

You are a nice guy, but you are not my guy, let and be friends?

Many of you and probably you too, one time or another, at least you know …

Estefano: Every man has experienced this before.

Sergej: Yes, every man has experienced it before, because we try to get on the social track without considering the sexual, because firstly we were never taught that; secondly, we are told on all sides that it is bad to awaken sexual feelings in women. And if you do not awaken these sexual feelings in the woman on A, for example by looking at her a little longer, i.e. socially started, then wink or very importantly this porn head story.

Which is also quite good on a date if you let your eyes slide down from her eyes onto the cleavage. And a minute what speaks to her cleavage, you know what I mean? She can see very well whether I look in her eyes or on her cleavage and that makes my heart beat. That means you should position yourself as a sexual being. The female in her has to react to the male in you. This is the only way seduction works. It’s just different, I offer you my services – like I give you half of my mammoth meat what I hunted, wait for you to sleep with me again and give me a bit of harmony -.

Estefano: For many men it is the incredible breakthrough in the head when I tell them for the first time, ‘Hey, women are at least as much into sex as men’ and then they go, ‘No, what? Seriously?’. I couldn’t believe it myself before, and you have to read this world best seller from Nancy Friday. Where simply a woman has analyzed a lot of the sex fantasies that other women have. And it’s not a world best seller for nothing, you have to see it. So any man who thinks women are not sexual should read Nancy Friday’s book. Great book, really.

Sergej: Great. Now on my book list.

Estefano: Cool.

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