No more embarrassing seconds of silence on the date – always know exactly what you can talk to the woman. Here are some great questions on a date

Wouldn’t you like to know which questions go down well with a woman on a date and make you interesting with her from the start?

There are sophisticated techniques with which you can immediately leave more of an impression than the rest of the men who try to flirt with a hot woman with boring small talk …

Pierre and Estefano tell you here in this article ..

Watch out…

Questions on a date

Pierre: Tip number 12. I would like to start with a question for you Estefano. Imagine that you would win 10,000 euros and you would have to invest this money in a trip. Would you rather go on a 1,000 euro trip 10 times or would you really say ‘I’m going on a 10,000 euro trip’.

Estefano: A 10,000 euro trip. I don’t have to think about it.

Pierre: Why?

Estefano: Because I would rather have a nice experience than 10 crappy, than 10 bad ones. Better one thing that is absolutely amazing, which I will never forget in my life. Compared to what you could do with 10,000 euros, I imagine it would be such a cool experience.

Pierre: Yes, okay. And you realize through this question I’ve already got to know you a little better.

Estefano: Right.

Pierre: Well, I can judge you a little better. And that’s the tip for this video here: ask extraordinary questions. Now not in the sense of creepy questions, or weird questions, just a nice question.

Estefano: And also happy to answer them.

Pierre: Exactly.

Estefano: It’s also fun to answer because you learn more about yourself the moment you answer it.

Pierre: Exactly. You don’t have to ask 10 of these questions every day somehow, but sometimes something like that arises. For example, if you come across the topic of travel over wood and stick, then this question would be appropriate if you are sitting on a date or something. Then you can ask this question. You can also put it well – which I like to do – that I simply surprise people. That means I like to take the train and then run around and sit down with a girl I like visually and just ask this question in blue. So without any context.

Estefano: Hammer.

Pierre: And most girls, what? I would get the 10,000 because … ’and you’re talking. Or this question goes well in online dating. Instead of asking, “And what did you travel last for?” You can make it clear, it’s not bad, but it’s more boring than asking this question.

Estefano: It’s really cool to talk to women and it’s just good questions on the date.

Pierre: Or? These random questions are simple.

Estefano: You somehow need a transition afterwards. Because otherwise, okay and now? You know?

Pierre: Yes, exactly. What doesn’t work so well is to ask this question if you don’t know what else to say. Then it looks a bit strange. So when I speak to you now, you’re a girl, hi, how are you? Hi ‘and then you talk a little bit and then there is a little silence and then asking this question is weird. That doesn’t work well, but otherwise you can ask this question well. In my book ‘365 questions’ you can also find the link under this video to this book.

Estefano: Yes, you will find it later in the description below the video.

Pierre: Exactly. In my book ‘365 questions’ I asked exactly this number of questions. You can also find the link to this book in the description below this video.

Estefano: Yes, in the video, below the description is the link to the book.

Pierre: Exactly. And then I asked exactly these questions and I hand them over to you. And these questions make every relationship deeper, no matter what stage. I love these questions because you can ask them when you address them – on the first date, on the 5th date – but even if you have been married to a woman for 10 years you can ask these questions and you will see that there is still more to talk about there.

Other gentle questions that come to mind spontaneously from this book are: What three changes would you make in your childhood if you could now? That digs very deeply.

Estefano: Yes. Very strong questions on a date.

Pierre: Which also digs very deeply …

Estefano: Very briefly, which also needs trust to answer them.

Pierre: Yes, of course.

Estefano: Because I wouldn’t answer something like that in front of a running camera, for example, and only say someone with whom I get on very well and who I really trust, with whom I’m far away. So a perfect question for a date when you’re alone with a woman, for example. Great question, really.

Pierre: Exactly. And now such a question is not suitable to address a woman.

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Estefano: No, of course.

Pierre: Although it would be kind of funny to try it sometime, but you understand what I mean, it has to fit a bit in the context. Or what digs similarly deep is a question like, “What was the most valuable thing you ever let go?”

Estefano: Oh, bitter!

Pierre: That goes deep.

Estefano: Bitter, bitter, but these are brilliant questions on a date!

Pierre: Exactly. There are also a few questions that are a little easier to digest. For example something like ‘If you had the choice …’ – which is a bit macabre again – but there is this nice mental game in philosophy that says’ If you were a platoon leader and you would be in a crowd race and you have only one choice you could either kill five construction workers with it now or one, what would you do? Would you choose five or one? ‘You only have this one choice. It is such a mental game from moral philosophy. Such questions are in there.

Estefano: What do you say when she says one or five, for example? Because I would have said one thing spontaneously.

Pierre: Yes. Most, utilitarian, argue that when one is gone, the use to society is greater than when five are gone. Then you can ask such a nice question, ‘yes, what if but this only person, a friend of yours, would you still say’ one person ‘?’ ‘Because you are utilitarian, you would have to argue that you say’ yes , you have to kill the one instead of the five. ‘So it’s exciting …

Estefano: I mean, of course, the question cannot be answered correctly. Because you can’t give up on life no matter the number now.

Pierre: Exactly.

Estefano: But that would have been the first impulse from me. Yes, one thing, because then less people happen what.

Pierre: Exactly, exactly. Most people say that too. And so it is in philosophy, there are no answers to these questions, so none of it is right or wrong, but there is, somehow you realize there is something to talk about. We could talk a lot about it alone now.

Estefano: Hammer, yes.

Pierre: But now to get away from this dying topic, there is also something very simple like ‘If you were free, how would you eat every morning?’ ‘What would be your perfect breakfast?’ Or, nice question ‘What is your perfect day like?’ I love this question on the date or something. What would you do? How would you, who would you get up with? How would you get up When would you get up At 6 a.m. or at 12 noon? What would be the first thing you would do? Where would you go out to eat in the evening and stuff? And then you can get to know this very, very beautifully, very deeply with such questions.

Estefano: Yes. The questions are really pure gold for a date. So get the e-book in any case. Really very interesting. Above all, you also learn when you ask someone ‘how would you spend your ideal day?’ You will learn exactly what someone likes to do, his hobbies … You actually learn so much about people with these questions. Already blatant.

Pierre: And you already have a nice birthday present for her. That you could give her this experience. And it always works well ‘or questions’: would you do that or do it?’ So, ‘if you had to choose now, would you rather travel to New Zealand or Australia?’ Or very simple or-question ‘would you rather …’ – what I like to ask is something like – ‘Would you rather give up sex for a year or your smartphone for a year?’

Estefano: Cool!

Pierre: It’s a great question, because it’s both hard! Both of these are really difficult!

Estefano: Both of them are difficult, yes. Of course I hope on a smartphone, right?

Pierre: Yes, yes. Most … sure, that would be the most natural. But many are so overgrown with their smartphones that they say ‘prefer not to have sex’.

Estefano: If she says ‘prefer sex’, then you should break the contact.

Pierre: Exactly.

Estefano: If so …

Pierre: Yes. The technique behind this question is always, you have to answer these or questions – you can also come up with them yourself, so it’s not that you have to use these questions now – of course they are good, but you can always come up with your own if that suits you better. With these or questions, always make sure that you make two choices, both of which are bad. Or both super good!

Estefano: Especially when you learn a lot about someone else when he / she answers the questions.

Pierre: Exactly. Do you know that feeling with a girl half a year later … let’s assume you are with the girl then and half a year later you talk to her again – or still with her – and she tells what and takes up what you just told half a year earlier in answering that question from back then. It’s a nice feeling to just remember ‘I was listened to’. That makes every relationship deeper and that’s exactly my thing.

Estefano: Women get stuck there because most men underestimate how rarely women are asked such cool things.

Pierre: Yes. Exactly.

Estefano: And what a hammer impression that makes. Even if the woman may not be freaking out and throwing her bra around your neck at the moment, or something, she may be doing it later (laughs).

Pierre: (laughs). You don’t know.

Estefano: (laughs) Happens every time when asked, 100% (laughs). Seriously, you don’t notice how it makes an impression on the woman. But if you put the whole thing up and you realize and you see how it comes two months later and mentions the whole thing again, then you see what impact it actually had on her.

Pierre: Yes. And therefore, ask extraordinary questions and gladly with the help of the e-book under this video.

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