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Darius: A lot of men want to learn some techniques and strategies, we’ve already stopped that. On the whole, it’s not about doing something in particular to be successful with women, but about becoming someone who is successful with women. This is a huge difference and we will now go through this mind hacking in detail.

I smoked for a very long time, I smoked one packet a day for about 10 years. And I stopped smoking from one day to the next. Why? I was with a couple of friends in Berlin, we were eating. All intelligent people, smart entrepreneurs. We ate, I lit a cigarette and I was the only one of those people who smoked. All others were non-smokers. And then I thought ‘They are intelligent people who don’t smoke, so I have to be the idiot’.

Why didn’t I have the thought before? Because I had to deal with a lot of smokers. Many of my friends from my youth all smoked. That means I felt that I belong to a certain group of people. As long as I felt I belonged to this group of people, I couldn’t change my behavior.

There is a concept. That is from one of the inventors of the NLP. These are the ‘logical levels’ by Robert Dilts. And these logical levels are like the type of personality levels. This is explained relatively simply. You have a certain context, an environment in which you move. For example, when I’m in a business meeting, it would be very strange if I just sat on the floor or lay down, or I did pushups. Because the context, that would be kind of strange.

When I do it in the gym, it’s absolutely normal. That means the context influences the next higher level in my behavior. If I do a certain behavior more often that day. For example, doing sport regularly, then that affects my skills. I’m getting sportier. When I speak to women a lot, I get social skills and I can flirt with women better. When I have a certain ability, that ability affects my beliefs and values. I have the belief that I am a sporty type, that I am successful with women and so on. These beliefs form my identity. I know that sounds complicated, but it will be easier. These beliefs form my identity. Because if I believe something about myself, it’s my identity. ‘I am a smoker’, ‘I am not successful with women’ are beliefs about myself, my self-image, my identity. My self-image, my identity influences the belonging to a system and that is the highest level. For example, if I am a Muslim, I belong to the Muslim system. That is my self-image, my identity. That gives me certain beliefs: you don’t eat pork, you fast and so on.

It affects my skills. These skills affect my behavior and that moves in the contexts I move from. If I am a Muslim belonging to this system, it affects all other levels and I will probably never slaughter pigs to eat, logically. The problem is that most people try to change something on the behavioral level. They come and ask ‘Darius’ or ‘Estefano’, ‘what should I do then?’, ‘What should I say?’. And that’s a good question, but it’s a question that targets only one level, the behavioral level. It’s about ’okay, what should I talk to the woman about?’. ‘Talk about it, talk about it’. But that doesn’t solve your problem because you are not the right type, because you are not the interesting type for whom it is natural. Now I come to mind hacking …

That means, if you want to make a development, no matter in which area but also in the dating area, then it is not just about learning the right skill, not just learning the right behavior, but developing yourself at all levels. So moving you to the right places to meet women – we talked about in the other videos about these pre-filtered places – it’s about developing the right values ​​and beliefs about you about women – we already have sexual tension talked about what do you think about women? what do you think about relationships? What do you think about yourself but at the same time to develop the right self-image. I form the self-image of an interesting man, but also to feel belonging to the right group.

When I started my own business back then, I had a few friends, I have had these since childhood, they are cool friends of mine, but I can’t build a business with them. I don’t want to, because they’re not self-employed, they don’t want to. I can do other things with them. That means they are helpful in certain contexts, they are not so helpful in other contexts. You probably felt the same at the time, you had a lot of friends, you wanted to be better with women, but your friends were too shy, didn’t want to. You looked for other people with whom you can meet women.

Estefano: It follows automatically, you’re right. Because you develop in a different direction and then you mostly read out old friends and gain new ones that are more suitable for you.

Darius: Exactly. And that depends on your goal. This is usually a process that happens automatically but unconsciously for many people. If you are aware of the process, at which levels you can develop everything, then the development can happen much faster. That means you can ask yourself, “Okay, who would I have to surround myself with to be more successful?” “What kind of self-image would I have to have to be more successful?” to be more successful? ” What skills should I have? ” What behavior should I show? ‘and’ What kind of situations should I be in? ‘.

And if I ask myself these questions, of course I get a lot more differentiated answers to them, then I can develop much faster. And this is a model that helped me stop smoking instantly. Because I just instantly understood ‘Okay, I don’t want to be part of the smokers’ system anymore, I want to be part of the non-smokers’ system. Because I had these friends, whom I thought everyone was intelligent, who all didn’t smoke. And I just said, ‘I want to be one of those, not the unintelligent smokers’.

And that made it immediately clear to me, I stopped smoking from one day to the next, never smoked again, and that wasn’t a problem either, because I managed this mind-shift, this change of belonging or identity. I was not a smoker instantly. And when you have identity, it affects those very different lower levels. That means you no longer have the problem of missing cigarettes. You don’t have the problem that you have to substitute or anything. You no longer have this problem because you are a non-smoker. If you go to a non-smoker and ask ‘Hey, do you miss cigarettes?’ He says, ‘No, of course not, I’m not a smoker’. And now the question is, how do you manage to develop the identity of a seducer as a man? Theoretically, it’s super easy because it’s just a thought construct, it’s just one thought, actually several thoughts that you have in your head about yourself.

But it is difficult for people to get this mind hack. Because we’re not used to changing like that. We are trained to be consistent. We just want to be understandable. You have always been like this, you should stay that way for the rest of your life. It’s just a cultural thing with us. That’s why it’s important that you start changing your focus. It’s something you can do. There is one tool that is a free tool called idonethis.com. This is a website, I did that today. You can have emails sent to you every day. and that’s a super cool idea because you can say, ‘Okay, I want to have an email every night at 6am with this question. For example, ‘What did I learn today?’, ‘Why was I a good seducer today?’ Or, depending on what your goal is, ‘Why did I just not smoke today?’ ‘Why did I just simply speak to women today? ? ” Why was I a cool guy today ‘or whatever. And you ask yourself these questions, you get them emailed every day and you answer them.

Estefano: So that they actually remember it all the time.

Darius: Yes. That keeps reminding you of that. And of course you can also do it with note and pen, of course, but I find the service simply practical. And at some point – that’s exciting – after 1-2 weeks you will start to think about what you can write in there in the evening. And then your brain starts to rethink and gains super-blatant flexibility. If one area of ​​the brain is injured, which is responsible for controlling the right hand, for example, then the other area of ​​the brain can learn something complex, such as controlling a hand.

Estefano: Just to give the whole thing a practical reference. do you know that when you see a movie in the cinema with some superheroes? And then you go out of the movie and you think you feel like you’re a superhero and somehow you’re too embarrassed because you think, ‘Hey, how do I feel like I’m the hero now? Do everyone else have that too? ‘ Because the trick is the moment you see this movie, you become the hero, you see the world through his eyes. And what you then notice is that your self-image changes for a short time. That means you come out of this film and think you are this person.

It’s like watching a movie with a very successful seducer. So 10-20 seconds maybe half an hour later, you feel like you are this person and could do anything. And in these few minutes, right after the film, you realize what a dramatic effect this self-image has on yourself. And then this old man comes in again and it is done again. But you notice how strong this effect is and how it dramatically affects your behavior.

Darius: Exactly. And if you just start asking yourself the right questions every day that are helpful for your goals, you will notice that your focus is changing. And we all create a piece of our own reality through our perceptual filters, beliefs, beliefs, focus and so on. If I ask myself, ‘Why am I a worthless piece of crap?’ Or something, I will get answers for it. But if I ask myself every day, ‘Okay, what did I learn today?’ ‘What am I thankful for today?’ ‘What went well today?’ Then of course I will focus on it.

And there are numerous studies that have shown that this type of thinking also leads to you being more successful. Simply because you are much more motivated, because you are more confident about things and so on. With numerous research results. That is one thing that you can use to get yourself to this different level that we just had. These different logical levels to develop yourself at these levels. That means I always asked myself the right questions. Whenever I became aware of it, I asked myself the right questions, ‘What did I do today to belong to the group of successful seducers?’ For example, I’ve been on the bus a lot, ‘Okay, why am I a good one Seducer? ‘I have often thought about why this is the case with me so that I can write it down in the evening.

And of course that’s a completely different thought, a completely different spiral of thought that starts there. A completely different worldview that I then move into. And of course I radiate that when I talk to other people. And that’s something, you can use it very well in the seduction. This is used everywhere in therapeutic counseling contexts. These are completely normal counseling and therapy models that can easily be adopted in coaching contexts. Or can take over in dating contexts. This is a completely different kind of development that can take place because you are developing not only on one level, but on five levels in parallel and therefore of course you … you have an advantage over all others because you know that it is these other levels and how you can get the most out of them. It is a very important thing. And the second thing that can also be very helpful – I did it for three months – I set myself the goal of saying ‘No’ to someone every day. To any question that someone … just say ‘no’. To say from me, ‘No, I don’t feel like it’ or whatever. Or do it the other way around …

Estefano: Why did you do that with the ‘no’?

Darius: Just to better assert my own ideas. Because in the past it was often the case with me that I said ‘yes’ to things, although I actually didn’t want to say ‘yes’ to it. And sure, sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not so good. I just wanted to have the freedom to decide when I do it or when I don’t. It’s not that I never do things that I don’t feel like doing – I still have to do some things – but I can choose whether I say it or not. I think having this social freedom is very crucial.

Estefano: What I think, which helps extremely, if you always think in a situation where you have to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ ‘If I would not love and respect everything myself’ – I mean you should anyway – but if you think, ‘would I put up with it, or join in, or not?’ And if you always decide based on that, you automatically do everything right because you always want yourself to be fine. That was actually a huge thing for me. That you want yourself to feel good because you like yourself.

Darius: And then other people around you notice that and they deal with you in a completely different way. So women are no longer so disrespectful to you, women are no longer late, they just treat you very differently because they realize that they cannot do it with you.

Estefano: Exactly. Because you are much more important. You have to love yourself first before you can love others and before others can love you. I always like to bring the example with me, with the pilot. The pilot, where the plane is now crashing. Or if the plane crashes and you are next to a small child. What do you do? The masks fall off. The first thing you need to do is help yourself so that you can help others. Otherwise you tip over and they all tip over and everyone is dead. But you help yourself first and then you help everyone around you. And that’s very important.

Darius: Absolutely.

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