Is she the right one? – THIS TIME?

Is she the right one? – THIS TIME?

The question of the questions that men constantly have in the room: Is it the right one? Is that the woman I want to spend my life with?

A question men keep asking themselves: “Is she the right one?”

You will have imagined it at least once when you met a new woman.

Is she the right one?

Estefano and Dr. Wagner gives you an approach here in the article about how you can find out for yourself whether she is the right woman for you …

Estefano: One question I get asked a lot by men is’ is it the right one? How can I find out? ‘Especially when they discover,’ Hey, Estefano, show me how I can address women and stuff. Actually, I can always talk to a new one. ’

Miss Dr. Wagner: Yes, exactly. Maximize that.

Estefano: Exactly.

Miss Dr. Wagner: Behind the next corner is always the more amazing woman. So Plato, the old philosopher from Greece. He would have known exactly that, men and women in this Platonic conception were spherical. They belonged together and then they were so powerful because they had four eyes, four legs, two heads and they were so incredibly powerful and they annoyed Zeus so much because they could do so much that he shared the two.

So he sent his flash below and then shared the two. And now the scattered halves run around and look for each other again, so that they come together again to form the ball being. I think it’s really nice, because if you have the right one or the right one, you feel it somehow. It is such a feeling that really, that the other is the other half of you, that you are only really complete now. And that has, for example, another clue is if you move each other forward, not if you pull each other down, but if you really feel like hey in pairs we are so much stronger, in pairs you can really get the world out of your hinges to lift.

Estefano: If you are never slowed down.

Miss Dr. Wagner: Yes, if you are not slowed down, exactly, you no longer need to brake intentionally. There are partners who may inadvertently pull you down, or whatever. And that’s just not the right thing. This is a very big hint. When you feel so strong. Unfortunately we are in such a society because we …

Estefano: Because the last one is – excuse me very briefly – the last thing you want is that you were with someone for 10-15 years and then you say, ‘Oh, he slowed me down all my life to develop my potential’ – I hear it again and again during longer relationships – and that’s a disaster, because your partner didn’t slow you down, but you let her slow you down.

Miss Dr. Wagner: Because you chose them, or because you didn’t sit there with you.

Estefano: Exactly.

Miss Dr. Wagner: The other point is that we have to make this decision at some point, ‘This is the right partner now’. Most of the time it’s right and you feel good, you feel that your potentials are awakening and awakened and then you have to say at some point, ‘Okay, it may be that there is an even better partner somewhere in China’. It’s possible, yes, but until I find it – I don’t know if I can find it – and until I find it, I lose so much valuable time that I now spend with the partner who is almost perfect where it is almost true, so much time that I could spend with her. So this feeling that you never have to … maximize, that you keep getting more and more, and more. And then you start over and over again.

Estefano: Yes.

Miss Dr. Wagner: Constantly maximizing also means starting over and over again. Always so exciting, but you get to know your partner again and again. And it’s printed out so stupid, but …

Estefano: You have to switch it all over again …

Miss Dr. Wagner: … you no longer have the chance to really build something up.

Estefano: Yes. And the longer you know her, the nicer it gets. But I think the ultimate answer that you can give here – if you have the question “is it the right one” – is when you look at yourself and think about ‘am I happy now?’. Because the idea that the grass on the other side is always green is nonsense, because the grass on the other side is almost never greener than where you are. As long as you are happy, you cannot be happier anywhere else, because as long as you are happy it actually works. Only if you are unhappy most of the time do you have to change something. But if you’re already happy, then thinking, ‘Should I look for another one now?’ Is completely stupid, because at the moment you underestimate how difficult it is to find someone with whom you have this level of luck. And then saying whether I’m 90 or 93% happy is no longer a difference.

Miss Dr. Wagner: And you yourself are too … it is not just your partner who makes you happy, you are, you are yourself. That means your friend, who complements you, she brings out the best of you because of me. But in the end it has to be inside of you. You cannot hold the partner responsible for everything that goes wrong in your life. Also a new partner … everything you drag around with yourself, all your abysses and whatever everyone has with you, but that’s not gone with the next partner.

Estefano: Exactly! Very well. You can run from any of them, but not from yourself. Because … I have often experienced this in quarrels, for example, because then I think to myself … When I argue with my partner, for example, and then I think to myself – okay, how do I put it? it best now? – If you are arguing with your partner and you know that it is something that, for example, disturbs you from your childhood, that is still in you from earlier. And then most men have this complex that they think ‘I’m just looking for another one’. And then you suddenly realize, ‘Hey, the same arguments are repeated’. And then in the third relationship it’s the same, in the fourth one too, and then at some point you have to wake up and realize, and think to yourself, ‘Hey, actually I’m the only constant in this system of women,’ you know? You also have to realize that you are actually the fault in the system.

Miss Dr. Wagner: Yes, exactly. I do that again and again in therapy. For example, when I hear ‘And that’s exactly what I have’, ‘and …’

Estefano: Exactly. ‘Why do I always meet women who are like this?’

Estefano: Yes, exactly. I wonder why?

Miss Dr. Wagner: Why, yes?

Estefano: Yes, exactly.

Miss Dr. Wagner: Yes.

Estefano: Very strong.

Miss Dr. Wagner: Well, have the courage to stand by your own feeling and to stand by your own decision, I would say.

Estefano: Yes. Two things here from me to summarize that again. If a woman slows you down in your life, then saw her off radically. So just get away from her. Leave it! Because the problem is if someone slows you down – no matter woman or man – but if someone slows you down in your life and you can’t get it out of the person, you will be one hundred percent unhappy and one day wake up and say ‘I could do mine Do not develop potential ‘, and so on and so on. And you will also become less attractive because you are dissatisfied with yourself. So that’s the absolute no-go for me. Absolutely. And the other is how you can tell whether a partner really has potential if she has the will to change and work on herself. Because that means that – as we discussed earlier today – that they are with you – pro-evolution, as you said – that they will evolve with you. And that’s a damn good base.

Is she the right one? We have now worked out how you can find this out for your relationship. Now it’s also about how you get to know the potential women for your happy relationship, get them on dates and flirt with them.

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